The Enemy Is Assigned To "Steal, Kill or Destroy" Christian Marriages

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When going through Divorce  as a Christian or the “possibilities of one” and realizing that the (3) MAIN things the enemy comes to do is “kill, steal and destroy”, you have to really look at your situation and sincerely seek God for direction.

What I have learned is that everyone who “tries to counsel” you or even encourage you, comes with their own skewed perception of Marriage and Family.

I have been literally appalled at how “blasé, blasé” even some Pastors are, regarding the marriage covenant.

But, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, if you know the enemy has come to “steal, kill and destroy”, then how could you NOT think he’d try to steal, kill or destroy your marriage?

Of course he will.

Because by the way, the Bible IS clear, God hates divorce. So, the enemy will do his best to influence God’s children to do and pursue, EXACTLY what God hates.

Do you see that?

As a society divorce seems to be just a part of life. So now days, it’s hard to find even Christians who are willing to say, “You know what, I’m going to fight for my marriage.”

Marriage is definitely not for wimps or for “children” who want to switch playmates every time one makes them mad.

Just like divorce shouldn’t be the first option for Christians and shouldn’t be so easy to implement in the system. Unfortunately, it is and with the rise of high profile Christian Divorces getting exposed every time you turn on TV or pick up a magazine, that “thought of divorce” is now creeping in the minds of all Christians, it seems, more than ever.

Nevertheless, I stand by my belief that God, honors covenant and that though there appears to be clear “ways out of marriage” according to the bible … regardless of what side you fall on, when it comes to divorce, remarriage or even restoration, it’s imperative that you take time to commune with God and KNOW what He’s speaking to you. Then walk it out, boldly in faith and in obedience to God.

Allow God to do what ONLY He can do in your life and in your marriage. Allow Him to bring healing to all the hurt and pain. Allow him to fill that VOID, caused by abandonment and watch God do a NEW thing in your life.

Are you ready to be healed from the pain?

How often have you sought God and truly listened to His instructions, regarding your process?

Always Prayerful,


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  1. Morgan Sharp says:

    If we truly seek the face of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, by His power source, the Holy Spirit and with His only communication in His word to us the Bible, He will reveal Himself to us and He does fix Lives and our marriages!

    Been their done that! Have lived happily with my first and only wife for 35 years.

    Easy? No. Nothing worth having ever is easy. However it is a cake walk when we finally let go of ourselves and let God take control or our Life. We are One by His divine decree in marriage.

    My wife and I are because God IS! PERIOD! He is our Rock! We have been 1 day away from divorce twice early in our marriage. Only God can work mircles like we have experienced.

    Even if we give up on our spouses, please do not give up on God through Jesus Christ!

    We do NOT need some organization, Christian or otherwise, taking our money to “rebuild our relationship”. God created from nothing the universe. Do we really think He needs the help of other people to rebuild lives and marriages? No!

    Before your final decree earnestlhy seek His face in prayer!
    Peter walked on water by the power of God but He has to take the first step!

    If marriage is on the rocks we need to be able to walk on water. It only happens with Super Natural power of God through our Lord Jesus Christ!


    • Dwann Olsen says:

      Thanks so much for your comments. I really like your perspective. So much wisdom! I STAND with expectancy having NOT given up on God, nor HIS supernatural power. Thanks for your encouragement!

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