Up & At 'em Down Single-Parenting Lane

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Okay, so when I woke up this morning, it was just “one of those days”!

You know, the kind we all have, right?

I mean, I was tired, because I stayed up too late. I couldn’t roll over because at the moment I realized both my girls had made their way in my bed, which happens quite often. Then, as we were getting “up and at ‘em” my oldest couldn’t seem to remember where the bottoms were to her jogging outfit and after my little one was completely dressed, she decided she wanted a different hairstyle.

I’ve given up even making it to the bus stop on most mornings. So, as I glanced at the clock realizing we desperately needed to get in the car to make that 5-minute drive in EXACTLY 5 minutes, I wanted to just stop, drop, flop and have a tantrum!

Really, I did!

But, I knew it wasn’t a good time to do that, so I had to “suck-it-up” Thank God for another day and do what I could to get my girls off to school. So, what if they had already started an argument over some silver piece of metal that apparently goes with the bike or skateboard. I really have no clue what the contraption even does …but nevertheless, I just had to press on through.

Fortunately we managed to still get our morning prayers out on the drive to school. But as you can imagine, on my solemn drive back home, I couldn’t seem to help but reminisce on the days, when everything didn’t fall on me. When I could sleep in on the mornings their father had weekdays off and treasured, rounding them up.


Oh how I would give almost anything to just have that kind of help, to just have a 2-parent household, where both parents worked together for the good of the family unit.

Unfortunately, life IS, what IT IS and where I am is smack dab in the middle of sometimes struggling with the challenges of single parenting that I absolutely NEVER, EVER thought I’d have to encounter. So, to also make sure I’m giving my girls all the resources they need to move forward with healing and in confidence, I made the decision yesterday to check out Divorce Care For Kids at http://www.dc4k.org/.  I really like it and am so glad, there’s actually new group that’s started meeting not to far from where we live. Hooray!  Should be yet another interesting element as I deal with the daily results of  my “Life, Interrupted”

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