What I Love and Hate About School Open Houses

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I love days like today.

Today my 5 year old had her class’s “Open House”. She was so excited about going that it seemed like every 2 minutes she was trying to count me down, until it was really time to go.

Which as you can imagine, took forever, in her mind.

During the open house, we had a “To Do List” to check as we moved down the list. From sharing her “Snowman Book” to explaining reading her Writing Portfolio and explaining how her classmates determine what day it is, it was absolutely wonderful. Of course I took lots of pictures to share with Daddy, as we always do.

Despite all the fun and smiles, because of “where I am” in life right now, it still can bring mixed emotions. With my oldest daughter, both their father and I attended open houses and school conferences.

However now days, the girls are lucky to get weekly calls.

Though weekend stays, for my girls and other children of  “Christian Divorcees”, have become pretty regular, it still amazes me how some parents can disengage in such major ways, during and after a divorce. Especially those who’ve professed Christianity in the past or even are still believers.

But here again, in today’s society with Politicians like John Edwards, confessing to fathering children outside of their current marriage, TV Pastors like Ted Haggard, admitting to having “inappropriate sexual involvement” with men and even “The Face of Golf” Tiger Woods, apparently in treatment for “sexual addiction” that has somehow caused his number of infidelities to be in the 20s, nothing really surprises me anymore.

Somehow, people change and in the midst of their transformation, so do their priorities.

Nevertheless, from my perspective, nothing can replace the love and involvement of either parent, especially when children are used to having both around and both involved.

On days like today, while participating in school activities, it saddens me that “irreconcilable differences” as the law describes it, could also lead to such sporadic estrangement between parents and children.

My prayer is always in the midst of an interrupted life, parents like you and me, will find the strength and wisdom to move forward in success.

How are you overcoming crisis and moving forward in success?

If you are a parent, how are you making sure your divorce, doesn’t include “divorcing” your children?

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