Conquering Unforgiveness

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I’ve barely been divorced for a year and find the depth of this human experience, quite amazing. You just never really know what random occurrence may stir up unexplainable emotions or evidence that hidden residue still exists.

In mid-2008 when I realized, it appeared that despite my values, my morals and despite my commitment to God, marriage and family, “The Spirit of Divorce” was indeed launched in my direction, I had good sense to know I was immediately going to have to figure out a way to forgive.

Everything seemed to be moving at an accelerated pace! It seemed like my life was being rudely interrupted and I was being forced to quickly deal with things, I never thought I’d have to deal with.

I knew this would be a challenge like none, other. And one with which, I’d have to truly FOCUS ON FORGIVENESS in order to move forward in my purpose. However, I never anticipated that forgiveness would come in stages. At the moment, I thought I’d had made it over the hump, thoughts of revenge & retaliation would make me realize, there was still some bitterness that needed to be dealt with in order to truly overcome this crisis.


“What in the world?  Did I really think those thoughts?”, I’d ask myself

Then it would hit me smack dab in the face, BAM!

Sounds like a “spirit of unforgiveness” is trying to latch on for life, in order to deter my destiny.

But at least, there’s one thing I know for sure!

Despite what seems like a dismal detour, I have too much faith in God and in who He’s called me to be, to settle for sorrow. In the midst of a “Christian Divorce” I have to examine where I am and where I need and want to be and be willing to look in the mirror and FACE reality.

What’s your reality?

How well are you “facing” it?

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