Is God Calling Gayle Haggard To Stay?

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You know what?

I’ve come to the conclusion that it takes an incredible person of faith, who’s confident in God, God’s grace and The Power of Forgiveness to be able to walk through what Gayle Haggard is walking through and still STAND.

I watched snippets of her interview on Oprah and have read some excerpts from her book ” Why I Stayed” and am really just in awe, even though I know what it feels like to STAND, believing God for restoration.

Yet, I am utterly amazed at Gayle Haggard’s stance, when its revealed how much she has endured even over the years, some would say “naively” But, as my “Christian Divorce” crisis has confirmed to me and taught me, you really can never, ever say what you would and wouldn’t do in a situation, until you’ve actually experienced, that specific situation.

Trust me on this, one.

As, I confidently ALWAYS say now, I truly see what people mean when they say “unless you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me” and surely, don’t try to tell me how I should feel, act, react, not react etc …

Getting back to Gayle Haggard;

Despite having every reason to move forward and divorce Ted Haggard and despite him telling her to divorce him, she’s shouting her decision to stay at the rooftop.

Now, some are even saying, she’s only doing it for the money!

Yep, I’m sure she’s reaping some financial rewards, but telling her story, has got to be more, than just about money.

Don’t you think?

I mean, just think about it.

Is exposing all of that really worth the money and possible humiliation of letting all who read, into such an intimate and normally unexposed part of her life?

Or could it be that God is calling her to walk this out in grace and share her story of commitment to her God, her husband and her vows, despite all the drama, especially during a time where Christian marriages seem to end up just as fatal as secular ones?

Could it be that God is using Gayle Haggard and her book to open up the door to talk about those “taboo” subjects like, homosexuality, pornography, adultery and  Christians & Divorce?

Could it be that God is allowing others to see her strength in order to truly take their situation to God?

In my book, that takes an incredible woman of faith!

What are your thoughts?

Would you be willing to expose your weakness if it meant God would be glorified?

Or do you think, those who do are just thinking about financial gain?

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