To Date Or Not To Date

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I was watching TV one day during my “me time”  and stumbled upon “Let’s Talk About, Pep” the VH-1 reality show featuring Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-n-Pepa fame.

Last I hear and saw, “Salt” Cheryl (James) Wray is actually a born-again Christian, who’s preparing for her first gospel album.

The Cast of "Let's Talk About Pep"

Pep, on the other hand is living a very interesting life. After 4 years of NO SEX, (which she mentions, quite often on the show) she’s ready to find a good man, fall in love and it appears, break this streak.

Along the way, she and 3 other “girlfriends” who are also living the “Single Life” allow TV cameras to follow them on their search for Mr. Right.

Needless to say, as you can imagine, they run across lots of Mr. Wrongs.

While, I don’t set my alarm to make sure I don’t miss it, I actually like the show and can count on it to give me a great laugh and lots to ponder as I walk down this journey of  “Singlehood” as a Christian Divorcee.

Of course one of her friends is a recent divorcee in her 40’s who appears to attract “Fine, young things” or should I say “Cubs” (lol) But again, definitely gives you so much to think about.

When is the right time to even “think” about dating?

As Christian Divorcees, should we even consider “casual” dating?

What if you really have no desire to even “play those “dating” games”?

As I’ve shared some of the intimate times in my life, I’ve also heard from those of you, who say it’s hard to even think about “loving” someone again, when you truly have been hurt by the one person besides God, you thought would never hurt you.

To a certain extent, that’s how I felt, too.

And one of my great friends says she’s coming up on the 4 year mark and ONLY NOW, does she even feel that she could be ready to invite someone else into her life.



Well for now, I just tell folks, I’m Divorced YET Unavailable. That’s a whole other story and whole other post! Lol

In the mean-time, I’ll stick to focusing on My God, My Girls and My Ministry as He leads.

What about you?

How challenging was it to overcome your hurt to allow someone else in?

Would You Ever Let Cameras Tape Your Journey!?

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  1. Keisa Sharpe says:

    Hmmm…I have a wonderful relationship with God but after ending a two year
    relationship with a friend turned potential mate, it took me a while to detox. He was
    verbally abusive and somewhat self-centered…. I tried to hang in
    hoping it would change…
    But now…I’m back… I’d say I’m ready to date and raring to go.::
    I have male friends I go out with on occassion…
    And it is so comforting to have godly and considerate men in your life…
    I feel blessed in this way…
    Thanks for exploring the topic… and oh, I jabe never been married.

    • Dwann Olsen says:

      Hi @Keisa, Thanks for your comments.
      It’s so good to hear you relationship with God is FIRST. That’s what matters most.
      Whenever we “sufffer” if you will some sort of crisis or disappointment, it can take us a while to “get back to ourselves” Thank God we both are moving in that right direction, Happy with ME (ourselves) knowing our values and what we want out of a relationship. Glad you made that decision BEFORE walking down the aisle.! (smile) Check back often.

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