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Though it’s only been 1.5 years since my ‘official” divorce was final, I have to admit, it’s been a doozy relearning how to be Single.

Thank God,  along this journey, He’s given me some strategies to overcoming crisis, I’ll be sharing in my upcoming book: “Life Interrupted”

When you’re used to sharing 19 years of your life with someone specific, you have to literally TEACH yourself, how to be Successfully Single.

You have to teach yourself how to now, reFOCUS on yourself and what it means to be Single YET Whole.

It’s not always easy, but as a Christian Divorcee, who’s had to REPOSITION herself in more ways than one, I can tell you that it is possible to re-connect with yourself allow God to transform you into a Successfully Single person.

This Saturday at 10am EST, I’ll be sharing my story alongside my friend Barb Pruitt via a webinar Hosted by my good friend Tara Travis of Godly Business Women.

It’s a FREE Webinar/Teleseminar so please join us and spread the word if you know folks who can benefit from learning how to overcome the struggles that come with “singlehood”

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Prophetess Dwann Holmes Rollinson, is an award winning journalist and Emmy-nominated Producer, entrepreneur and media analyst with more than 20 years of media experience.
As an Inspirational Speaker, Dwann has strengthened her commitment to be instant in season and to minister to the hearts of those who are hurting.
As a former broadcast journalist, she was accustomed to reporting the story but now she’s called to tell her personal story regarding Christians & Divorce. A story that she speaks on from her experience of how her FAITH, has led her through a recent unexpected crisis to a steady place in the midst of the storm, which is detailed in her upcoming book, “Life Interrupted : 7 Key Strategies To Overcoming Difficult Times.” Find out more at

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