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Not more than 2 weeks ago during bible study Bishop Rudolph McKissick prophetically declared that God would make some of  “Our Struggles, Our Sermons” As he continued to expound, the message really resonated within my spirit.

It was as if from that moment on in more ways than one God began to thrust me forth with MORE opportunities to share my current testimony.

For almost 2 months now I’ve been blogging about my life as a newly divorced single Christian mom; the heartache, headaches, hurts, and yes, even the joys and jubilation.

Along the way, I’ve also joined social networking communities that cater to moms, entrepreneurial women and most recently women dealing with divorce.

One of those is firstwivesworld.com

In its About Us section, the description goes like this: First Wives World is a place for women to find divorce support through social networking, forums, discussions, groups, resources, relevant news and entertainment. Our goal is to provide women the resources, experts, mentors, tools and communities (both online and offline) required to support them at any stage of divorce and assist them in moving their lives forward with smarts, friendship and laughter.”

Soon after I joined firstwivesworld.com one of its editors, approached me about blogging on the site, from a Christian perspective.

I was pretty intrigued considering it definitely didn’t profess to be a Christian site.

As he explained more via email,

“I was interested to see that you write quite a bit about divorce from a Christian perspective.  I feel this is an area that we haven’t heard enough about on the site, and I think other Christian women in various stages of divorce could really relate to your experiences.”

I knew this was an instance where God would “use my struggle, as my sermon”

Not a lot is being said about Christians & Divorce, even in “Christendom” and as most know who follow my personal blog, I believe Christian Divorcees want and need support and need to know they are not alone.

So, I’m happy to fill a void on firstwivesworld.com and glad the site owners recognize the need to provide more for this ever growing audience of Christian Divorcees

Kudos to firstwivesworld.com.

Peruse the site today and be sure to check out my first post

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As an Inspirational Speaker, Dwann has strengthened her commitment to be instant in season and to minister to the hearts of those who are hurting.
As a former broadcast journalist, she was accustomed to reporting the story but now she’s called to tell her personal story regarding Christians & Divorce. A story that she speaks on from her experience of how her FAITH, has led her through a recent unexpected crisis to a steady place in the midst of the storm, which is detailed in her upcoming book, “Life Interrupted : 7 Key Strategies To Overcoming Difficult Times.” Find out more at www.ProphetDwann.com

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