5 year-old Tears, Tantrums & A Purpose

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As this day draws to a close and I ponder about the happenings of this day, I am so thankful, it didn’t end the way it started.


I mean what in the world would make a 5 year old get so unruly over having me THE MOM, sign a “green sheet” of paper that is no where to be found and that clearly doesn’t exist?

Boy they are so confident at that age, huh?

For whatever reason she was determined that her PURPOSE for the morning was to get this GREEN sheet of paper signed, through tears and tantrums!

So much so, HECK, it nearly brought me to tears! lol

Speaking of Purpose Though … one of things I have learned while WINNING over crisis and what I cover in my book Life Interrupted: 7 Key Strategies To Overcoming Difficult Times is this;

Anytime you are going through a difficult situation or are faced with challenging obstacles like so many people are faced with today, the number one thing I encourage everyone to understand and get a clear understanding of, before it’s too late is their purpose.


Ÿ         the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

Ÿ         an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal

I believe everything and everyone is created for a purpose.

Light was created to provide illumination. Food was created to provide nourishment. Teachers instruct.  Journalists inform.

As I reflect back over my life, it seems as though I’ve always been fortunate enough to know, my purpose.  Though I may not have always yielded to my purpose or may not have had the easiest time moving forward in it, I recognized it and moved in that direction.

Now it makes quite a lot of sense, as to why certain things related to my purpose seemed to be challenging and sometimes a bore, even as a child.  I realize now that another force was at work, every step of the way with the ultimate goal of stealing, killing or destroying my desire to connect with my purpose.

Because after all, that’s what the enemy of our destiny is all about. Now remember John 10:10 clearly tells us the enemy’s number one mission is to steal, kill and destroy. He does this by any means necessary and makes no apologies for doing so. That’s his number one job and number one goal.

To steal, kill and destroy us before we reach our ultimate purpose or better yet, before we even realize what we were created to do on this earth. So now, certain things and situations just don’t surprise me anymore. Though they may catch me off guard and throw me for a complete loop, when I take the time to realize the magnitude of what I’m called to do and the purpose for which I was created, it makes perfect sense to me, why the enemy would go after me so hard, and from a young age.

You see I was created to be a Kingdom Communicator, called to educate, enlighten and empower the people of God to tap into their passion and learn how to profit in their purpose.

So, not only is my voice important, but my speech is too. When working together, they catapult me to great heights because my voice and speech are apostolically and prophetically anointed for business and ministry.

Now, when I give speeches or have ministry engagements, I often say “No wonder, as a child I had a speech impediment and remember having to go to special classes to work on everything that constrained my speech!”  I was also quite shy, during my elementary years. So shy that one of my former childhood Pastors, who’s no longer alive, once told me he never would have imagined that I would have grown up to be a “TV newscaster”

It’s pretty obvious to me now why all of this was taking place even at such a young age.

The enemy was trying to steal my purpose.

That’s why no matter how hopeless your current situation may be, it’s so important to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are, whose you are and why you were placed on this earth, at this particular time in history.

Everyone needs to make sure that as we walk through life, we know our purpose.  It’s when one doesn’t know his TRUE purpose that he is most susceptible to be set-up and set-back, by the counterfeit. But when you know exactly what you’re called to do, you walk boldly in the sphere of influence you have been placed in.

How Are You Working Your Purpose EVEN through crisis?

By the way, I wrote a note to my daughter’s  teacher and fortunately found out that I WASN’T losing my mind …the green paper doesn’t exist. But a yellow Tuesday folder does! Yep, that was due 2 days ago.. lol

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