Dating Lesson #1: Go With Your Gut!

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Over the last several weeks since I’ve actually started dating again after 20 years of NOT dating anyone except my daughters’ father, (I was married for 14 years, and committed for 19 years) I’ve had some interesting conversations with some of my dear friends.

One of my friends, who happens to be in nearly the same situation, playfully says she is living vicariously through me, since our lives seem to be mirror images right now. Her point? If I can actually be “found” and accept dates with pretty viable “husband-material” in such a short amount of time, then by golly, so can she! Right? Right!

So as we have discussed the Pros and Cons of being a “sho-nuf-saved, spiritually-strong, single YET WHOLE, and chaste, 40 & Fabulous SISTER, I’m realizing that though maturity adds a depth of wisdom and understanding, some things REMAIN THE SAME.!

Dating Lesson #1

For instance: certain irritants that take place early on in your “discovery” phase will invariably grow stronger from day to day. So with this in mind, you should just “listen to your gut!” …”go with your gut” 

That’s right!

It is, what IT IS!

If something clearly bothers your or irritates you even slightly about someone you are dating, “getting to know” or who wants to seriously “court” you,  take it for what it’s worth and MOVE on!

Did I say that?

I sure did!

My motto now in life regarding ALL my relationships has to do with practicality, even though in reality, it can be hard to swallow and learn.

Here it is: “Make no mistake, people will do and say EXACTLY what they want to. BELIEVE what they say, but most importantly believe WHAT THEY DO. It is …what it is!”


Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t “go with your gut and it came back to haunt you? Sure you have, we all have, but guess what, that will NOT be my story this time.  I’d love to hear your experiences, so feel free to take a minute and SHARE any of the Relationship or Dating Lessons you’ve learned recently or even from the past.



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  1. Karen Swim says:

    Dwann, so very true. People tell you (and show you) who they are, believe them. Far too often women ignore the signs or hope to “fix” a man. It is a huge mistake. Better to acknowledge and move on rather than give your time and energy to a man that God does not mean for you. Not looking to date at all but loving taking the journey with you.

    • Elder Dwann says:

      Hey Karen,
      Yep, no time to IGNORE clear, early signs. For me, it’s all about connecting with whom God CLEARLY sends to be Priest, Prophet & Provider. Otherwise, I’d be spinning my wheels. Thanks for “taking the journey” with me! (smile)

  2. Sugar Cube says:

    Now, Ms Dawn I am over 50 and like you, having a leadership position in a church, I would like to know where you two are meeting these possibly eligible males.

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