A Single Parent’s Declaration : ” I Still Have Joy!”

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I absolutely hate being a single parent.

Sort of!

I know that may be strong words for some, but for me, it’s a reality. Especially because it was something I never intended to be or expected to experience. I mean each of my daughters birth were “planned” as much as two parents can plan and I had always lived under the belief that DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION.

Now, after 3 years of  living day in and day out, as a single parent, I can honestly say, I truly detest it.
Now, don’t get me wrong or mis-interpret what I’m saying. I love my daughters and I love life and have learned to be content in EVERY STATE.  However, it’s this state of being a single parent, that I pray will pass me by sooner than later.
Many things that would normally be so simple when married, end up turning into major challenges to overcome, just because there is only (1) parent in the home. No longer can you take the little things for granted. Sometimes just  QUICKLY running to the store for milk and eggs, can become a major task. FOR REAL. Not to mention, all the other considerations including the spiritual and natural ramifications of NOT having a father in the household, to school outings, school conferences, extra-curricular activities, quality time as a family etc …
A year or so before divorce hit my family, I remember having to spend some extended time a part from my spouse due to job responsibilities.   During that time, I was forced  to experience what some call being a Married Single Mom. The more I lived it, the more I began to have an appreciation for those single moms I’d known over the years. Heck, in my mind, it was even worth a poem or some sort of literature, from a married mother to the single mom entitled “Ode To The Single Mother!” But little did I know, God had allowed me to experience this life, prior to my divorce, as preparation, so that I wouldn’t completely stay in a state of shock! lol
I can look back now and see, that along my  journey, God always knew what was headed my way and He always gave me opportunities of preparation, no matter how horrible I thought the preparation was. Now, despite where I am in life and despite how much I’ve toyed with the fact that “this shouldn’t be my lot!”, I remain grateful that throughout it all, I can say like the gospel song coined by Dorothy Norwood ” I Still Have Joy!. I still have Joy! After all the things I’ve been through (which have yet to be told) …I still have JOY!

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  1. Karen Swim says:

    What a wonderful and honest post Dwann! I am sure that many other single moms and dads are nodding in agreement.

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