My New Love Story

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For me, it all started with a business meeting almost gone bad, that we both share different takes on:

As I contemplated leaving in disgust, at the apparent disregard of my valuable time, Harold arrived fashionably late with seemingly not a care in the world.

Harold on the other hand says ” I thought:  ‘My she is on time she must really want to make a sale. But I also thought to myself “ I wonder what Crystal said to her? Maybe she told her how good I look!” as he chuckles.

Lastly, Harold says while walking up to my car he thought “ I hope this isn’t a waste of MY time!

And now he clarifies “When I saw you get out of the car, I  said to myself NOOOOOOOO, this will NOT be a waste, at all.Good God Almighty!” 

Two business meetings and one lunch date later, I soon found out through stimulating and challenging conversation I and Harold had similar faith, family values and even tragedies of love and loss that couldn’t be ignored.

Both of us say we couldn’t ignore a couple signs of PROVIDENCE and bits of TRIVIA, no matter how comical including:

  • Of all the cities and towns in the country, turns out my sister-n-law and Harold are actually from the same small town of Abbeville, SC.
  • One of our most fond dates was when his BELOVED Gamecocks and my BELOVED Cornhuskers met at the Citrus Bowl, in Orlando, Florida

Going from tragedy to triumph can often take longer than most anticipate or are even willing to process through. However for Harold and I, TRIUMPH came in the form of divine destiny as we both believe each of us were sent to fill a special void that neither imagined would have happened , sooner rather than later. Harold lost his first wife of 27 years through death, while my first marriage of 14 years was a casualty of divorce.

Harold once told me  he never imagined he would find someone who enjoyed “doing ministry” as much as he did and then he told me that my passion helped re-ignite his true desire to lead and serve.

Even before we said “I Do!” I  fondly told others, I now truly understand what it feels like to have a Godly man, love me as Christ loves the church! Now, I can really DECLARE   “THERE’S NOTHING MY GOD CAN’T DO”  and I now I boldly testify  of how God surprised me with THE Man of Valor, Harold Rollinson, who truly is a Priest, Protector and Provider.

Now as a Kingdom couple we cherish the times of marriage & ministry and enjoy making fond memories as 2 families blended together in unity one step at a time.  I’d love to hear your comments:

What was it like when you MET the NEW one you believe God sent your way? What gave you courage to MOVE FORWARD?

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