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My new life during this season is one I’m embracing with passion. Never imagined I’d be a single-mom, living in Jacksonville, Florida.

But, that’s my life TODAY!

Fortunately as a Speaker & Entrepreneur, I have the flexibility to choose what I do and when I do it.  This is a JOY!

I love empowering others and helping them tap into their God-given purpose. Throughout 2010, much of my life will also be spent sharing with others how I made it through a crisis and how they can too!

Right now, my life is dedicated to My God, My Girls and My Goals!

These are indeed challenging times but I am so thankful for the grace and mercy of God.



  1. L'Tanga says:

    I had no idea! But sis you know my story. Your Mom and Dad were there for me in 1996 when I was going through my divorce. All I can say is… this is a long and overdue blog and place for people to share their experience! Love you!

    • Dwann Olsen says:

      Hey L’Tanga,

      I’m laughing a bit at your comment.
      ‘Cause, truth be told, lots of people HAVE NO IDEA, about my situation, because, it’s not like DIVORCE is something you want to “joyfully proclaim” at the top of your lungs. lol At least, I didn’t.
      But, doing this blog and the recent “Successfully Single” webinar, has really ushered me to another level of FAITH & HEALING.
      I feel FREE and like a HUGE burden has been removed.
      God is in control and HAS to be in control and definitely has a purpose for ALLOWING this, so I might as well embrace it FULLY. Part of this, means sharing and listening to folks like you and me all over the world.
      Thanks for chiming in!

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